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Preview:Adventure Balloons
Description:One of the largest companies in the country offering Champagne hot air Balloon flights over Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Oxford, Surrey and London. The perfect surprise gift for that special occasion - Birthday Presents, Valentine Surprises, Wedding Lists, or Christmas Gifts! Operates seven hot air balloons with capacities which range from four to sixteen people. These include a eight passenger balloon, aptly nicknamed the "Stained Glass Window", and felt by many to be so attractive that we have used its design for the Adventure Balloons emblem and mugs, T-shirts and other balloon flight memorabilia. The "North Sea Flyer", a sixteen person balloon, has another story to tell. Was bought from two millionaires who flew across the North Sea for fun! It was the first hot air balloon of this carrying capacity the Civil Aviation Authority actually allowed to fly in the UK.
Category:Recreation & Sports: Aviation
Date:May 12, 2009 10:44:26 AM